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About Us

I have let many great workers go after a big project ends because I didnt have the work to keep a large crew going. I would always try to find these men a new job with a fellow contractor but wasn't always successful. I came up with this website as a way to pay it forward and reward a great worker that busts his but with a rating and review for the world to see he is he one that deserves the work.

This website www.Hireaman.com is a database built exclusively for the construction industry and skilled tradespeople. We bring skilled labor to contractors and employers. We reward employment opportunity to a qualified workforce.

If you are a contractor or any employer and looking for a (Carpenter, Plumber, steam fitter, HVAC, Tin Knocker, Mason, Bricklayer, Iron worker, Welder, Glazier, Electrician, Laborer, Painter, Flooring, Insulation, Driver, Mover, Heavy equipment operator, Auto mechanic, Marine mechanic, Helper/ apprentice, Jack of all trades, handyman, etc. ) then you came to the right place.

This website is the only of its kind where employers can rate and review the labor force based on performance. Employers can view applicants in a clean spreadsheet format and are able to easily sort and filter based on the criteria that is most important to them. Gone are the days of trying to sift and sort between 200 applications and resumes to fill one or two positions. Better yet if you need to hire several men on short notice our database will help aide this effort. The construction industry has demanding labor needs with uncertain project start dates and abrupt project endings. Hire a man is a way to find the best of best workers when a new job starts and show appreciation by rating and writing a review that may help a good man find another job when your project ends. Stop paying staffing companies double the rate of the man they provide you.

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