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Q) Is this a job placement, staffing or recruiting company?

A) No, job placement and staffing companies charge the employer much more than what the employee earns! HireaMan.com is a website where employers will hire you directly. Employers can come to find workers based on criteria that they are looking for. As a job seeker you post your qualifications and if an employer likes what they see they will make you an offer!


Q) The name of the website is Hire a Man, can women post a profile too?

A) Of course both men and women can post profiles, hiring a man is construction speak for hiring a new person!


Q) I forgot my password?

A) Use this link and reset it.


Q) How do I stop recurring billing?

A) Delete your employer account!


Q) How do I leave a review for someone?

A) You can leave a review if you are invited to leave a review by the job seeker or if you employed the job seeker, and have an active employer account with HireaMan.com!


Q) What if an employee isn't who his/ her profile describes?

A) Write a review on that person and let us know about it!


Q) What if I have bad reviews?

A) You can post a comment on the review and explain the situation, you can delete your profile!


Q) Who can view my job seeker profile?

A) Only registered employers that pay a fee can view your contact information and full details!


Q) Who can write reviews on my profile?

A) The only people that can write reviews on your profile are past employers or referral requests.


Q) What if I dont want to answer some of the questions on the job seeker registration?

You can skip any question that isn't a required, which is indicated by a red star next to the question.


Q) How is it verified that I worked for an employer?

A) You will get an email that asks if you worked together and you have to respond to verify the relationship!


Q) Can I advertise on your website?

A) Yes please send us an email to  Advertising@HireaMan.com.


Q) What if I don't want my profile on the website?

A) You can delete your profile by signing in and hitting the delete button at the bottom of the page!


Q) Do you sell profile information to 3rd parties?

A) No , you can read our privacy policy, here.

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