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How it Works

If you are a construction worker, post your profile for free and employers will find you!

If you are an employer search the database of available labor, and hire the right person!

Job Seekers

  • Post your profile for free
  • Anonymous screen name keeps your identity concealed to non employers.
  • Set your earnings rate!
  • Always keep the option of advancement open, and work nights and weekends if desired.
  • Employers find you!
  • Earn high ratings get reviews and request a higher pay.
  • Get paid what you deserve


  • Search through a large list of available labor.
  • Easily filter and sort for qualities in an employee that are most important.
  • Find and hire qualified candidates instantly.
  • Save time and money
  • Drive business forward with the talent you need.
  • Optimize performance, be more competitive.
  • Get job done on time and under budget.
  • Stop sorting through hundreds of applicants to fill a few positions.
  • Stop paying high fees to advertise a job offering.
  • Rate and write reviews of the used manpower.
  • Only $100 per month. Cancel at anytime.

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