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New Hire Forms

Use this page as a resource for paperwork and forms that are necessary to hire a new person. Here is a list of some of the forms that will need to completed for a new hire.

Have your new hire fill out a W4 form, here.

Have your new hire fill out an I9 form, here.

If you have not already then, enroll with E verify and verify the new hires I9 form.

You must report newly hired or rehired employees who will be employed within 20 calendar days from the hiring date.  Here is a list of new hire reporting for your state

Adopt workplace safety measures. Here is a sample.  

Create an employee handbook.

Hiring a new employee guidelines from the IRS, Here

According to US Dept. of Labor:

Substance abusers are 10X more likely to steal from job or others

Drugs and alcohol are involved in 65% of on-the-job accidents

Up to 50% of workers comp claims are related to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Consider drug testing your employees, you can pick up a home testing kit at almost any drug store or Walmart.

Consider using a pre employment integrity test, here 

Consider writing your own integrity test questionnaire, sample questions on page 20 -43  here

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